12 November – first day

Photos: Tamás Thaler


13 November – second day


The Hungarian Tunnelling Association (MAE) in 2014, in keeping with previous tradition, will organise the

Tunnel Construction and Civil Engineering Conference 2014

We would appreciate your attendance and participation and would like to invite you to join us. We now refer to our event as “traditional”, as the first such event of the civil engineering profession took place in 1994, at that time on the initiation of TU-TI Bau Kft. The first ever trade day was held with the representatives of companies with previous experience in metro construction, where the participants had looked back on the tunnel constructions of previous years with nostalgia and at the same time were dreaming of the future. The subsequent conferences successfully supported the development of the Hungarian professional community and foreign relationships, as well as the exchange of opinions associated with the planned tunnel and civil engineering investments.

The majority of our ideas at the time have been realised. The completed tunnels of the M6 motorway, the low and medium radioactive nuclear waste repository that is being built in Bátaapáti and the tunnels of the Metro 4 line in Budapest that are nearing completion all demonstrate the successful reawakening and development of the Hungarian tunnel construction and civil engineering profession, in combination with the foreign experts that have also contributed to the realisation of these structures.

We believe it is time to render an account, to draw conclusions, summarise, exchange opinions and to dare talk about new investments targeting the improvement of the domestic infrastructure, in support of professional plans and the decision makers in shaping the future.

We would like to focus the programme for our 2014 conference in Budapest around these projects.

We would appreciate your attendance and participation at the conference.

Tibor Horváth MAE President Dezső Kiss Manager of the Organising committee Miklós Fábián Member of the Organising committee